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I cant thank you enough for bringing me back from the brink of madness. Your patience, attentive listening and generosity of time have been brilliant and I now feel as strong as a wrestler. You have given me the tools to ensure that I never get into such as state again. The therapy world is very luck to have you.

        (Heather, 25 years old, 18 CBT sessions for OCD)


It has been great to come to a place where I have been made to feel comfortable talking about my thoughts, rather than embarrassed or guilty. Alex accepted what I said and helped me challenge my negative assumptions, offering perspectives on my experience and feelings. I 'm very grateful.

(John, 54 years old, 12 CBT sessions for Depression)


Extremely effective, insightful and helpful. I left a different person to when I started.

                                                                     (Donna, 34 years old, 12 CBT sessions for Health Anxiety)


My therapist was really good. He really listened and help me understand my problems. He was very patient and calm.

(Steve, 45 years old, 8 CBT sessions for Anger Management)


I feel positive about the future and that I am better equipped with what life will throw at me. I am aware it won't be easy, but I feel I'll be able to cope with it better. And if not, I know how to get help and that it will help. 

(Suzanne, 29 years old, 8 CBT group sessions for Anger Management)


It has really helped me greatly and honestly cannot thank my therapist enough. It is great to find somebody that actually understands me!

(Joseph, 23 years old, 8 CBT sessions for Panic Disorder)


Alex was extremely sensitive, empathic and helpful. His knowledge and guidance has been very useful and balanced me to make some good progress. He was also very nice and comfortable to talk to. 

(Gemma, 32 years old, 12 CBT sessions for OCD)


Before I started these sessions I was unsure whether it would work. But I have been proved wrong. Even though I'm a work-in-progress I have achieved a lot...I found my therapist was easy to talk to listened and was very patient and understanding. 

(Alan, 46 years old, 12 CBT sessions for OCD)


I am forever grateful for it [CBT] and believe it has changed my life, I also  know that I can get back in the car if I lose my way again because I am confident that my guide (the counsellor) will help show me the path again. I now live my life by this motto... 'Life is 10% what happens to you, 90% how you react to it'

 (Joanne, 54 years old, 12 CBT sessions for Depression)


I felt [Alex] was  sympathetic to my problem and at the same time very practical in helping me overcome it. He was also very encouraging and helped me to motivate myself to make an effort when overcoming my issues.  It felt we worked as a team rather than me just following instructions and that left me with a greater sense of achievement and confidence. 

(Sean, 35 years old, 18 CBT sessions for OCD)


Thank you for showing me the techniques to help me to lead a normal life socially and at work after struggling for over 10 years with "baggage"

(Richard, 40 years old, 12 CBT sessions for Anxiety)


I have achieved all my original goals starting out, which I can hardly believe. Thank you to Alex for all his help.

        (Samantha, 43 years old, 12 CBT sessions for Post-Natal Depression)


Alex has been a life saver and has given me the tools to succeed and to hopefully not regress back into depression. 

(Amit, 56 years old, 8 CBT sessions for Depression)


Alex was kind, compassionate and extremely helpful, brought me back from the brink of suicide. I will always be grateful for his help. 

(Derek, 33 years old, 20 CBT sessions for Depression)


I have been trying to get to the crux of my problem for a considerable amount of years but the work that I completed with my therapist, Dr Lena Paul was truly outstanding.  Her patience and her ability to quickly connect with an individual, who was rather sceptic and mistrusting at first, was exceptional.

(Annie, 33 years old, 20 CBT sessions for Childhood Trauma)


I was amazed [at] how caring and patient my therapist was. She always listened to my problems very deeply and tried hard with her advice to help me go through [the]day to day life difficulties. I feel more confident and stronger than I was before.  

(Rani, 50 years old, 20 CBT sessions for Complicated Grief Reaction)


My therapist was highly professional and very easy to work with.  During the initial stages I felt that she managed my expectations regarding the therapy very well, being both honest and positive.  She listened with great attention to what I was saying about the things that were happening in my life and how they made me feel, and she asked very pertinent questions.  At no stage was she prescriptive or judgemental, rather she facilitated my exploration of my own condition with aplomb and a very deft touch. The last session was quite emotional for me as I felt that she had helped me make a significant amount of progress in dealing with my condition, and I feel an immense sense of gratitude towards her for the professional, superbly competent and highly personable way in which she delivered the therapy… I am amazed that this change in my outlook on life has been effected in such a short time and I shall be very grateful to my therapist for some considerable time to come!  

(Jonathan, 45 years old, 12 CBT sessions for Depression)


I was treated by Dr Lena Paul, who has shown a profound professional understanding of the issues and a great level of personal empathy to my situation. My weekly sessions with Dr L. Paul were fundamental to my improvement!

(Cassandra, 37 years old, 12 CBT sessions for PTSD)


I found Dr Lena Paul to be approachable and easy to talk to. She is a good coach. At the end of my sessions I was fully conversant with techniques to combat OCD. I feel I am making progress in combating OCD and anxiety which I’ve had all my life. Dr Paul has given me the confidence to continue making progress and that eventually I will overcome it.

(Sally, 53 years old, 12 CBT sessions for OCD)


*Please note that all names have been changed to protect the identity of our clients.